Friday, May 30, 2014

Unstoppable Fish, new game on Google Play!

Unstoppable Fish, new , funny, easy to play game from LTS Lab. If you love games like the Flappy Bird, Unstoppable Fish is similar. Just tap to play, avoid obstacles, win medals , achieve highest score. Simple, fun and addictive. Connect your account to post score and share result with your friends, coworkers, family. Enjoy!
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Leaderboards and Achievements now integrated!

If you choose to connect your phone with Google Play Game Services, you can post your score over 30 and more leaderboards and win some achievements. Try it now!

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Shooting Expert

Shooting Expert is a simple shooting game.Sight a target and start shooting bottles, poppers and other targets. Become an expert in handgun shooting. Shoot head, this will give you more points.
Control the handgun and shoot at targets using sensors, for more natural way of shooting. In the beginning it might be difficult, but the sensor is the best choice for fast shooting in this game.  Enjoy!
Shoot targets. Be quick, be precise and win. Become a Sho
oting Expert!

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