LTS games & apps

Shooting Expert

Shooting Expert is a simple shooting game.Sight a target and start shooting bottles, poppers and other targets. Become an expert in handgun shooting. Shoot head, this will give you more points.
Control the handgun and shoot at targets using sensors, for more natural way of shooting. In the beginning it might be difficult, but the sensor is the best choice for fast shooting in this game.  Enjoy!
Shoot targets. Be quick, be precise and win. Become a Shooting Expert!
Unstoppable Fish

Unstoppable Fish  - this is a  simple, funny, easy to play game. The goal is simple : bring the fish far far away from the start point and win achievements. In this game you have no right to make mistakes. All it takes is one wrong touch and you lost.Controls are simple, you just need to tap the screen. 

Pancakes are eaten all over the world. You love them,  you want to make pancakes, but you do not know how to make them? Then this is the right app for you. Make pancakes in a few easy steps, in your home with ingredients you probably already have , using recipe in this app. This is a step by step guide to create pancakes in american way.

Learn how to make pancakes. Make ideal breakfast for weekend using this step by step recipe.

TV Remote Control allows controlling your TV over LAN.
This application is a Wi-Fi based controler which can control network-enabled TV. Note: This application is not a universal 
remote control. Tested and works on Fox  32LE7000T2 LED Surf TV. Maybe work on another TVs  which are manufactured in China and distributed as local brands.